Tips for Making the Best Travel Videos

For most people, taking a few shaky shots with a camera or phone is the closest they will get to creating a travel or holiday video. If you want to truly capture the atmosphere and make something exceptional, you’ll need to take some specialised kit instead.We have a few hints for creating the best movie. Some basics to learn when using a video camera and for getting the most enviable shots include; adjusting the shutter speed, light, aperture, audio settings, and white balance, in addition to disabling the autofocus when the lights are dim.Before you leave, make sure to study the various features of your device. Practise at home to get used to the menus, the different settings and their means of operation. Here are a few things you may need to take if you want to create something with a professional look and feel.

  • It is possible that your battery will need to be replaced or recharged while you are shooting. Having a spare that is fully charged will save you missing a single shot.
  • Power supplies or battery rechargeable units are other things to add to your must-carry list of things.
  • A tiny but crucial item is a special cloth to wipe the lens should it get smudged. Trying to clean it with your sleeve instead could leave scratches on the lens.
  • If you want to get some serious steady shots, a tripod may come in handy. If you can’t carry that much kit, try to find a stable surface to balance the camera on.
  • Any additional camera accessories that you have such as microphones, lens filters or lighting equipment should also go with you.

When creating a good video, there are two essential elements to get right. Lighting is still the most important, but to create something truly outstanding it is also imperative to capture the audio as faithfully as possible. Choose your equipment wisely to record the best sound quality. Memories fade, but if you make a great travel video, you will be able to re-live the experience over and over.