What should you have on your front page?

There’s an old saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” First impressions online are even more important than first impressions in real life. On a croweded internet, crammed with distractions and rival sites vying for your visitors’ attention, you may only have a few seconds at most to capture a new visitor’s interest and get them to explore your front page further. Visual appeal is key to a good front page. You need the right typeface, the right information and most importantly the right images to grab your visitor and persuate them to delve more deeply into your website. Think carefully about the kind of image you want to project. Fast-paced, glitzy and vibrant? Restrained, reserved and elegant? You’ll need to tailor your site to your target audience so give some thought to the people who’ll be coming to your page. It can be tempting to cram your front page full of elements. If one graphic is good then 10 must be great and autoplaying video and audio much be even better. This is often counter-productive, though. Extraneous media may potentially be annoying to your visitors. Have you ever tried to hunt down that one tab that was autoplaying music? Did you close it as soon as you found it? Exactly. Your visitors may do the same. In addition to being irritating, having too much additional media on your front page can slow down loading times and make your site less responsive — bad news in an era of mobile browsing. A few well-chosen elements will hold a visitor’s attention more effectively and create a better impression. Stick with a title, a few images, basic information and some intriguing links. A good example is Casino Cash Bonus: an attention-grabbing name, a few relevant images and links to articles the visitor will want to read. Keep your front page simple and you can’t go wrong.