Why Poker Websites Need Visual Imagery

There’s a reason, they say, that a picture says a thousand words; an image can convey much, much more than words can. And when you do communicate with a picture, it makes for a much more interesting experience than boring lines of text. The cultural angle plays an important role as well. Throughout human history, an image has come to define a certain age, a certain decade, or a certain era. Think of the iconic soldier kissing the woman in Times Square post World War II. Visual imagery gains even more importance when it comes to designing a website, especially a poker website.

Why Pictures

Imagine you are browsing a website and all that you see on the screen is text; block after block of grey lines that, no matter how interesting they may read, will appear boring to your mind. Now throw in an image or two. The result is that you are less distracted and more hooked onto the content of the website. The same logic applies to poker sites as well. We would say even more so because the classic, table-based game has rich visual imagery that it can fall back on. Think of a colourful pack of cards, smart-looking dealers, and the very image of a table full of talented, sharp players. A casual glance at any popular and successful website, will reveal how effective pictures can be. And there’s more that they can do…

Simplifying Instructions

Suppose you have an article that talks about specific tips and tricks of the trade. Chances are that with an image to support a point, the reader will more easily assimilate the information. The same holds true if it is a how-to article as well. The bottom line is that pictures and images will only add to the attractiveness of the website instead of subtracting from it.